PHK | Infant – Grade 5

Piñon Hills Kids is a safe and fun environment with relevant teaching based on the Bible. Children connect with God on their own level and make lifelong friendships! We focus on the Ten Core Biblical Truths in order to build strong foundations in these future leaders.

Guarding our children’s safety is a top priority. Before joining our team, staff and volunteers go through an extensive process, including a background check. Parents and guardians are required to check-in their children to each room with their parent ID and children are only released using that same parent ID.

Each week your child will bring home lessons and Bible verses learned in class, so make time to go over them with your child. Please take full advantage of what Piñon Hills Kids has to offer and stay plugged into your kids’ spiritual growth!

We meet Sundays at 9:00 AM & 10:30 AM in the Children’s Center.

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The Brave and Beautiful Queen

Early Childhood
3 years-old to Kindergarten


In "The Brave and Beautiful Queen," kids learn the story of Esther, the beautiful queen who saves her people.

Kids will learn lessons about being brave in this lesson.

God's Plan for Me

Grades 1 - 5

Grades 1 - 5

This lesson encourages children to follow the path God has prepared for them. Children will think about the things they are good at, the things they care about, and the experiences they have been through. Kids will better understand who they are, which in turn better prepares them to submit to God and walk in the purpose He has intended for them.