In the Meantime

What do you do when there's nothing you can do? What do you do when your circumstances are so challenging there’s no way forward and no way out? In this six session study, Andy Stanley answers the question, “What do I do in the meantime?”

This new Life Group series begins the week of January 28

What’s a Life Group?

A Life Group is a gathering of 8-12 people that meets in a home (or office, coffee shop, etc.) to develop friendships and learn about Jesus.

In the simplest words, “It’s a place to connect and grow.”

Would you be willing to gather a group of people from your circle of influence to learn more about Jesus through a 6 week study? If so, you should start your own Life Group!

Three Steps to Starting a Life Group

1. Confirm that you’re starting a group.

Please contact Pastor Tim Hargrove at with your name, email, and best phone number.

2. Get the current group leader resources.

The new series is called “In the Meantime” by Andy Stanley. The video sessions and discussion guides are available online.

3. Invite the people in your circle of influence.

We’re asking you to form a Life Group from the circle of people God has already given you.

So, set your day, time and location and invite your people. If you invite them they will come.

Remember… You have a people. You have a message. You have a ministry.

God wants to speak to the people in your world through you!