• John Morgan, Lead Pastor

    Authentic, leader and visionary.

    Pastor John is just a regular guy as well as our Lead Pastor. He has the unique ability to teach the truths of the Bible in a way that is relevant to living out our day-to-day lives.

    Pastor John Morgan came to Pinon Hills Community Church in 1995 from Denver, Colorado. In those days, the church was The Exciting Tabernacle Baptist Church. John’s vision was to lead Pinon Hills to become a spiritually-dynamic, regional church based on an attractive and functional ministry campus. PHCC began a new era of growth and almost every year the former campus on Butler Avenue was remodeled and the service schedules changed to support the growth.

    In 1997 PHCC acquired the first half of the 60-acre property, where the church is now located on Pinon Hills Boulevard. In 1999 the church voted to re-incorporate as a non-denominational, evangelical church named Pinon Hills Community Church. The second half of the new ministry campus property was acquired in 2007.

    PHCC built and entered the first phase of its new ministry campus on Pinon Hills Boulevard in the fall of 2010. It built the Student and Adult Leadership Center in 2013. The church has a long-term master plan for the ministry campus that supports ministries for every stage of life and for every stage of our mission.

    Vision 2020 is a strategic plan for PHCC through the year 2020. It organizes every ministry of PHCC around the mission of creating Christian Leaders Who Change the World. That process begins with REACH-ing people who need Christ then it proceeds with GROW-ing people in Christ and then SERVE-ing people through Christ. Our vision is to incite a revolution of Christian leadership.

    John and his wife Greg have five children: Carolina and husband Bryan Florendo and baby Halle, Will, Gibson, Jimmienell and Mia. John has a Ph.D from Regent University, an M.Div. from Denver Seminary. He is an almnus of Dallas Seminary and he has a BBS from Western Bible College.

  • Darren Morehouse, Executive Pastor

    Clever, confident and dedicated.

    Darren’s leadership skills and years of experience inspire and direct our staff in accomplishing our church mission. He is also an accomplished musician and song-writer and uses his gifts to serve on our worship team.

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  • Tim Hargrove, Senior Associate Pastor | LSC 45-65 Pastor

    Funny, caring and genuinely kind.

    Pastor Tim has a wealth of wisdom and a big heart for people and their unique situations.

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  • Brad Salzman, Chief Executive Officer | LSC 65+ Pastor

    Humorous, focused and responsible..

    Brad takes the everyday tasks of running a church and makes it efficient, engaging and fun! His great sense of humor infuses the entire staff with energy. Brad serves as the LSC 65+ Pastor.

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  • Keith Corley, Associate Pastor | LSC Adults with Kids

    Sincere, gentle and helpful.

    Pastor Keith is a very approachable, down-to-earth guy who is a friend to all.

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  • Michael Thomason

  • Blake Austin, Worship Pastor

    Authentic, skilled and passionate.

    Blake’s heart is set on creating an atmosphere of prayer and worship. He uses his vocal, musical and song-writing talents to encourage others to connect with God.

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  • Joshua Kuehn, Student Ministry Pastor

    Creative, intelligent and genuine.

    Joshua has a magnetic personality that attracts young people to hang out and learn from him. He has a vision for students to grow in the wonder and love of God and to bring life and youthfulness to their lives.

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  • Kelly Kuehn, Children's Ministry Director

    Smart, Talented, Passionate

    Kelly leads the children’s ministry with passion, creativity and a deep desire to make Promiseland the best hour of the week for each child. Her love for God and children is genuine and truly contagious.

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  • Rachel Corley, Creative Director

    Vivacious, friendly and creative.

    Rachel brings a breath of fresh air to the stage each weekend with her beautiful voice as well as her eye for decorating.

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  • Cindy Morphis, Director of Education

    Happy, energetic and sweet.

    Cindy’s heart is dedicated to serving children and she lives this out daily at Piñon Hills Academy and Pomiseland Child Development Center. She believes in setting the bar high in academics and development. She is well-loved by our children, students and families!

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  • Ryan Mitchell, Head Chef

    Personable, talented and hard-working.

    Ryan is the face and skill behind the Cañon Café. His love for cooking and people is evident in his service his customers, the ministries of the church and the children enrolled in the Academy and Child Development Center.

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  • Anna Daniele, Hospitality Manager

    Decisive, tenacious and bold.

    From catering local events to hosting church occasions, Anna is in charge of all things hospitality-related. Her resolve ensures that every person and situation is taken care of on her watch.

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  • Lynne Howle, Marketing Director

    Creative, resourceful and down-to-earth.

    Lynne is an artist at heart and a graphic designer by trade. She oversees the branding, marketing and advertising of PHCC.

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  • Aaron Porter, Technical Director

    Witty, resourceful and adept.

    Aaron uses his technical know-how and creativity, not only to make our weekend experience special but, to keep all things IT-related running smoothly during the week.

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  • Jane Ann Grant, Business Manager

    Fun, personable and professional.

    Jane Ann never misses a beat. She keeps things organized and efficient in our business office

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  • Linda Petty, Administrative Assistant

    Knowledgeable, loyal and friendly.

    Linda has been serving our Pastors and staff for many years. She is usually the first voice you’ll hear when calling PHCC. If you have questions, she has answers!

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